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  • 2011
    A Decade of Growth and Evolution

    The roots of Snaju® Inc., initially known as Snaju Hosting and Snaju.com, trace back to 2011—a venture born from the shared passion of a father-son duo, Zackary & Don Pedersen. What started as a modest web hosting provider quickly blossomed, offering cost-effective web solutions across the United States.

  • 2012
    The Game That Changed It All

    It was the discovery of Minecraft that steered our trajectory towards specialized game hosting. This engaging, block-building universe captured our imagination, and we were soon powering servers for over 30,000 customers worldwide, igniting joy and creativity for gamers everywhere.

  • 2018
    A New Identity for a New Era

    2018 marked a significant milestone as Snaju Hosting evolved into Snaju® Inc. With this rebranding came a diversification into bespoke software development services, contributing to the success of notable clients such as Oceaneering International Inc (NYSE:OII), Aegis Aerospace Inc., and Airbus Defense & Space, Inc.

  • 2023
    Leveraging a Legacy to Forge the Future

    Drawing on a rich heritage of hosting expertise since 2011, and armed with insights from our cutting-edge software solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors, we launched DartNode. Our vision is clear: to merge the realms of high-performance hosting services with affordability and unparalleled customer service.

    The Genesis of Innovation

    DartNode sprang to life in 2023, envisioned and brought into being by the pioneers at Snaju® Inc.. Our inception was driven by a simple yet profound frustration: the exorbitant costs of dedicated servers, cloud, and VPS services. We believed there had to be a better way.

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Built in Texas

Based in the heart of Houston's technological hub, DartNode operates a 24/7/365 Network Operation Center near the NASA Johnson Space Center, emphasizing unwavering vigilance and operational excellence. Our facility, nestled within a world-class data center featuring 2N+1 power redundancy, showcases our commitment to reliability and superior service. Owning all our hardware and recognized as an ARIN Member Organization, we pride ourselves on being a self-reliant network operator and IP space owner, offering unmatched hosting solutions and dedicated server services that reflect the pioneering spirit of our Houston roots.

Our Datacenter

DartNode operates its own high-performance facility in Spring, Texas, offering cost-effective servers with minimal latency. Backed by a top-tier data center with extensive upstream connections, we ensure continuous monitoring from our Houston NOC for your peace of mind.

  • 100% Owned Hardware
  • ARIN Member Organization
  • Staffed 24/7/365
  • Multiple Upstream Providers

DartNode IXP

We're building an Internet Exchange Point right here in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to provide a space for secure, reliable peering for ISP, service providers and content providers. To join we charge a low $195/ Month per port to help cover the cost of the network equipment and future upgrades. Of course if you feel you should get a port for free reach out and we can talk!

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